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William Estoll Receipt August 30, 1805

William Estoll Receipt from August 30, 1805
William Estoll Receipt from August 30, 1805

Received this 30th day of August of John Logan two dollars & 50 cents in full of all accounts.

Tes 1805

William Estoll

This is the oldest receipt from the John Logan documents but it doesn’t really provide a lot of information other than the fact that John Logan paid William Estoll $2.50. For what, I’m not sure. At first I had a really hard time making out William’s last name.  I’ve thought of everything from Estoll, Estall, Estott to Estatt. The only surname that seemed legitimate was Estoll and I was able to confirm that William Estoll was living in Rutherford County at the time of the 1810 census. He was born sometime before 1765 as he was atleast 45 years old in 1810. He had four daughters between 1800 and 1810 and another 2 daughters between 1810 and 1820. Other than these two census records (and Logan document #2) I haven’t been able to find anything else on him.

Please leave a comment below if you have more information about this William Estoll.

1805 in History

Thomas Jefferson was just beginning his second term and Michigan became a territory. The city of Detroit burns to the ground and most of the city is destroyed.  Lewis and Clark were in the middle of their expedition, in fact here are their journal entries from the same day this receipt was written: Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition online.

About the Logan Project: I possess a box of 170 documents passed down 6 generations in the Logan family that originate from John Logan (1775-1841) of Rutherford County, NC. These documents are mainly receipts that show the various business and legal dealings of many different families from Rutherford County, NC. I will be posting these documents on this blog in chronological order.

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