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Andrew Logan Note August 15, 1810

Andrew Logane Note August 15, 1810
Andrew Logan Note August 15, 1810

August the 15th 1810 then settled with Andrew Logan all debts up to this date.

Andrew Logan is John’s brother . Andrew was born in SC in 1771 to parents Maj. Francis Logan and Hannah Trimble. He married Mary Hyder May 9th, 1791. John and Andrew’s brother Moses Logan was married to Mary’s sister Sussanah Hyder. Andrew died in Rutherford County, NC in 1840 and is buried at the Logan Family Cemetery.

The following information was taken from Katherine Logan Conley’s “Major Francis Logan and Wife Hannah Trimble (1970)”:

Francis Logan, the son of Hendrick Logan and Alda Pruyn, was born in New York and was baptized into the Dutch Reformed Church July 29, 1734. His grandparents were John Pruyn and Emilia Sanders. Emilia Sanders’ father and mother were Robert Sanders and Elsie Barentze. In the will of Jan Harpardinck, dated April 23, 1722, Elsie with her two brothers received a bequest of four-fifths of 16 acres of land on Manhatten Island in New York City known as Shoemaker’s Pasture. The balance went to the Dutch Reformed Church, which is said to own its share to this day and to receive an enormous revenue from it, being in downtown New York City as it is today.

Hannah Trimble was the daughter of James and Grace Trimble. She was born in the year 1733 in Rockbridge County, Virginia. Francis Logan and Hannah Trimble were married in-1761. They lived at Abbeville, S.C. during the Revolutionary War; after the war they moved to Rutherford County N.C.

There were six children born to this union, five boys and one girl. The children were: Moses Logan born October 22, 1770 died March 1866. He married Susannah Hyder October22, 1799. Andrew Logan born 1771 died 1840 married Mary Hyder May 9, 1791. James Logan born August 30, 1772 died 1824 married Nancy Egerton 1801. John (Jack) Logan born 1775 died April 24, 1842 married Martha Harton October 29, 1811. Francis Logan, Jr. born 1779 died April 2, 1860 married Margaret Miller. Jemima Logan married Ransom Egerton March 10, 1808

This family lived in what is now Loganstore township of Rutherford County. The homestead is not standing today but the family cemetery is off the Hudlow Road and Francis and Hannah Logan are both buried there with other members of the family.

About the Logan Project: I possess a box of 170 documents passed down 6 generations in the Logan family that originate from John Logan (1775-1841) of Rutherford County, NC. These documents are mainly receipts that show the various business and legal dealings of many different families from Rutherford County, NC. I will be posting these documents on this blog in chronological order. The scanned images of these documents are the copyright of Jonathan Medford. Do not redistribute these documents for the purpose of commercial gain without his expressed written permission.

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2 thoughts on “Andrew Logan Note August 15, 1810

  1. Enjoyed your note on Andrew! I am currently researching descendants of Reuben Tate of Rutherford County, NC. I believe he married Christen Logan. I am unable to identify her parents but suspect they are LMoses Logan and Susannah Hyder. Moses and Susan named one child Albert. Reuben and Chrsten named one son Albert. Also think that Moses and Susannah may be parents of Susannah Logan who married Henry Pinkney Tate in 1838. Henry was son of Samuel Tate, a brother of Reuben Tate.

    Do you have anything that would support/negate my case???
    Wayne Andrews

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