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Harbert Harton Order November 21, 1812

November 21st, 1812

Mr. John Logan Please to let Thomas Hicks Have $11.50 and this shall be your receipt for the same

Harbert Harton

Here is that Thomas Hicks character again. In case you missed it, read the previous post about the infamous John Logan/Thomas Hicks nose biting incident. I must say, Harbert Harton shows some excellent penmanship with this order. Harbert is John Logan’s brother-in-law, the brother of John’s wife Martha Harton.  Much of the information I have on the Harton’s comes from information submitted by Jane Harton Peyrouse to

Harbert Harton was born  in 1789 in Warren County, NC. He was married to Elizabeth Baber on Feb 14, 1818 in Rutherford County, NC. So he wasn’t yet married at the time this order was written. In fact Elizabeth, who was born in 1798 was only about 14 at the time. Harbert and Elizabeth had the following children: John M., Mary Ann, Robert H., Thomas J., Absalom M., Sarah Jain, and James H.

Harbert died in Rutherford County, NC in 1866. Elizabeth died in 1870.

Harbert and his sister Martha were the children of Howell Harton. Howell was born in 1756 in Warren County, NC. In 1774 the Tax List of Warren Co., Capt Colclough’s District shows Howell with one free, Thomas, his father with 512 1/2 acres, and John with 116 1/2 acres. Howell signed the 1779 petition for division of Bute County. There seems to be a lot of Rutherford County connections to the old Bute County, NC. This document is preserved in State Archives, Legislative Papers, Box 21, Folder dated Jan 20, 1779.

Testimonials filed in May through August 1801 indicate that Howell was shot through the leg in 1781, breaking the small bone and dividing the large sinews. He has great difficulty in walking. Also he has a wife and nine children none of whom are named. Jacob and William Riggan, Robert Waller and Auguston Balthrop, George Nicholson swore that they had known Howell for at least twelve months. Nov 22, 1802, Jacob Mordicai, Justice of the peace, attested that he was injured in 1781 while serving in the Revolutionary War and is not on the Pension List of the United States. Howell signed with a rather crude cross with Howell Hathorn written over it. Attached to the copied version is a certification by the NC General Assembly for december 1799 saying that Howell Harton, an invalid, is allowed eight pounds as a pension for the year 1799. Still in August 1805 he is still applying.

He deeded his land to Harbert in Rutherford Co in 1819. Harton researchers believe that he went west perhaps with a son or daughter to TN. Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files [White 1991, Vol II F-M. Harton Howell, Old War IF #20377] shows that on Feb 28, 1824, he transferred from NC roll to TN roll. On Mar 16, 1825 he applied for a new certificate and stated his children had destroyed the original some 16 years earlier when he lived near Warrenton, NC. The Hamilton County, TN list of invalid pensioners showed he received $57.60 per annum and that he had died May 24, 1832. No children were named in the claim.

He died on May 24, 1832 in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN.

If you have any info about Thomas Hicks or the Harton family, please post a comment below.

About the Logan Project: I possess a box of 170 documents passed down 6 generations in the Logan family that originate from John Logan (1775-1841) of Rutherford County, NC. These documents are mainly receipts that show the various business and legal dealings of many different families from Rutherford County, NC. I will be posting these documents on this blog in chronological order. The scanned images of these documents are the copyright of Jonathan Medford. Do not redistribute these documents for the purpose of commercial gain without his expressed written permission.

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8 thoughts on “Harbert Harton Order November 21, 1812

  1. “Long, Obstinate, and Bloody: The Battle of Guilford Courthouse,” By Lawrence E. Babits & Joshua B. Howard, page 109, just mentions that “Peter Bailey, Elijah Hooten, and Howell Harton were all shot in the lower extremities” in the battle.

    1. Ray,

      Thank you for the additional reference on Howell Harton’s war injury.

      I received your email asking about the identity of Howell’s wife and I wanted to respond to you on here just in case someone comes along who could help us out. I hope you don’t mind.

      I too have seen Howell’s wife as Sarah and also Mary. I wonder if people simply mistake her name as Mary because that is his mother’s name. You asked me if perhaps she was a Harbert. I haven’t really come across any Harberts associated with them that would lead me to believe that. Harbord is a popular variation of that name but I havent found any possibilities there either.

      I assume that no one has dug up a will on Howell? Sorry I can’t be of more help!


  2. My late husband, Leslie Manning Harton, was a descendant of Harbert. Grandfather was Thomas Jefferson Harton and father was Thomas Baxter Harton.

  3. Some of the decendants of the harton family are buried in Cedar Bluff, Alabama & Maggie Mae Harton SYPHURS is buried in Birmingham, Alabama. If you would like further info. please let me know.

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