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John Logan’s 1813 Tax Receipt

John Logan's 1813 Tax Receipt
John Logan's 1813 Tax Receipt

Recd of John Logan £114 His tax in full for 1813 By me Aaron Camp [public title]

It is hard for me to tell the amount that he paid in taxes. To me it looks like £114. I just realized that I am probably posting this document out of chronological order. This was likely written in 1814 and I have other documents from 1813 to post. There is some sort of public title written after Aaron Camp‘s name, but unfortunately the paper cuts that off. Based on other John Logan documents, the Sheriff typically collected taxes, but John Alley was Sheriff of Rutherford County at the time this receipt was written. I think Aaron might have been Rutherford County Treasurer as his brother Daniel previously held this office (Daniel was also  Sheriff).

Feb 17, 1824 clipping from the Western Carolinian. Accessed from the NC Newspaper digitization project.
Feb 17, 1824 clipping from the Western Carolinian. Accessed from the NC Newspaper digitization project.

According to “The Georgia Frontier: Descendants of Virginia, North Carolina & South Carolina” by Jeannette Holland Austin, Aaron was the son of Thomas Camp (this site has some fascinating info on Thoms) and Margaret Carney. He married Frances Willis Terrell on August 2, 1803 and later to Sarah Suttle on Apr 3, 1817. At the age of 16, Aaron Camp was sent by his father to Halifax County, VA, together with his brothers Lewis and James, to learn house carpeting. Aaron then taught his profession to his son William Addison Camp. In 1842, Aaron Camp and his family removed to Walker County, GA, along with two brothers of Sarah (John and Joseph Suttle). Aaron died on July 6, 1861.

If you have any additional information about the Aaron Camp family, please post a comment below.

About the Logan Project: I possess a box of 170 documents passed down 6 generations in the Logan family that originate from John Logan (1775-1841) of Rutherford County, NC. These documents are mainly receipts that show the various business and legal dealings of many different families from Rutherford County, NC. I will be posting these documents on this blog in chronological order. The scanned images of these documents are the copyright of Jonathan Medford. Do not redistribute these documents for the purpose of commercial gain without his expressed written permission.

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11 thoughts on “John Logan’s 1813 Tax Receipt

  1. I too do extensive research in Rutherford County N.C. Mostly between 1807-1880. I do the free colored Griffin family Family, Wiley Morris who was freed in abt 1855 and the slaves of Carson, Cox, Logan Ledbetter and James Morris families. If you come across any Logan slave documents (purchase – sales) know that I am interested.

    Oh yeah…and the Stice family (white) late 1700 – early 1800 only.

    Kathleen Brandt

  2. Kathleen,

    Your research sounds fascinating. My wife is the GG granddaughter of Judge George W. Logan who was a prominent Republican leader after the war. He supported the right for blacks to hold office and was well known for prosecuting members of the KKK. It intrigues me to think about how he went from slave owner to being a political advocate for blacks. I wish I knew if this was purely for selfish reasons or if he had moral qualms about slavery and was truly genuine about equality for blacks.

    My wife’s grandfather, Charles Patterson Logan, was the son of George’s son James Andrew Logan. James died when Charles was very young. Charles inherited the house and property of George’s brother John W. Logan. So this box of documents I have actually come via John W. Logan. I know that my wife’s Uncle has a slave purchase agreement but I have yet to secure a copy of it. I will work on doing so and will make sure I get a copy to you.

    I have more documents on the way from Carson, Cox, Logan, Ledbetter and Morris families. I’ll go ahead and post a transcription of the following document for you even though I am not scheduled to post this for 2 more weeks:

    “21 Dec 1818
    John Alley Receipt
    Recd of John Logan the Sum of thirty Eight pound of the amount of the sale of a horse & nigger the property of Adam Whiteside Sold at the Instant of Campbell & Bedford this 21st Day December 1818
    J.H. Alley DS”

    Also there is this document:

    “8 Feb 1838
    Miligan Plantation Agreement
    Received of John Logan Sr. twenty dollars [?] consideration of all rights and titles resting in a lease from said John Logan are his Miligan Plantation and all or any power which I had or have over said place and for the above consideration I surrender and give up the possession of said plantation the present year from this day and payments made before this date by this made also said Negro girl Phillis and the trade can [covering?] Felix received this 8th Feb 1838 said David Hill is to keep Phillis until the 1st of March next if he does not move or give
    [?] [?]
    David Hill”

    I might have more but I have only transcribed documents up until 1841. If you have any additional background information on the slaves/owners in these two documents, I would love to share them when it comes time for me to post them.

    I try to post daily, so please check back often!


    1. During the Reconstruction period , Robert W. Logan and J.B. Carpenter ere editors of the Rutherford Star. I write about the “press-war” between the Republican Rutherford Star paper and the Democratic Western Vindicator up to the point of the Klan raid in 1871 on several people, and Carpenter and Logan (who happened to be out of town) were also targeted as was the newspaper office.

      My work is on several ex-slaves: those of Francis Cox(e) at Sydney villa plantation, Mills slaves ( I posted a blog about the name change of Willis Mills to Cox(e) with document, Green River Joseph Carson slaves, all surrounded around a Fox Haven Morris who is freed around 1855 and marries an advantaged “free-colored” Griffin woman. I actually am writing of their Republican work (Morris with Carpenter…he also works for Carpenter as a blacksmith) from North Carolina to Cocke and Green County Tennessee, to Kansas.

      What do you mean you have more documents on the way?

  3. I meant that for those particular families, I have other documents that I will be posting about, but I don’t think they are in regards to slave transactions. Also, I have a lot of documents between 1844 and 1880 that I have yet to transcribe so there might be more stuff from that period. This blog is giving me the motivation to finish transcribing and researching these documents.

    You are probably familiar with the NC Newspaper digitization project. I went through their database (which isnt very extensive yet) and I have scraped every mention of George W. Logan and Robert W. Logan and every mention about the Rutherford Star. It was a pain to do this this because I had to clip sections of the paper at a time, stitch them together in photo editing software and save them that way. I would be happy to email these to you if you are interested.

    Once I complete my 170 post series on the John Logan/John W. Logan documents, I’m planning on doing a series based on the Logan’s involvement during the reconstruction period. So I am very interested in your piece you have coming out. Please let me know once it is published.

    When I think about that raid on their newspaper office, I can picture in my mind all of the thousands of tiny typeset pieces scattered all over the floor. It must have taken them forever to get them reorganized.

  4. I am a researcher of the slaves in Rutherford county. I am a descendant of Alison/Elison Morris who resided in Chimney Rock, NC. He live next door to William Logan in 1870 and 1880. I have researched the Logan family a little to find a connection. Unfortunately, I do not have access to many records because I am not in NC. I do know that Alison purchased real-estate according to his will. I believe it to may of belonged to the Logans…In his will it does state that there were co-farmers…B.M Conner and a J. T Whiteside both whom where white. My Morris and the Logans of Chimney Rock had some connection…I just haven’t discovered it yet. Also, my Alison was taught to read and write which says some one sympathetic to enslaved persons taught him.. Any information you have could regarding the Morris’s will aid me…

    Thank you

  5. Hello to anyone that has any information about the slaves held by Felix Logan or the Rutherford family in Rutherford, North Carolina. My GG Grandfather was Felix Logan(black or mulatto). His children were named Harrison, Wade Hampton, Jefferson and Cynthia Logan. This is very interesting as from what research I have been able to do, it would be possible that my GG Grandfather was the illegitimate slave child of Felix Logan who was born in abt. 1790. What is also interesting is that my GG Grandfather named his children after White Felix Logan family members. We do know that many slaves did this very thing. Felix and his children were moved from North Carolina to Lamar County, Texas with the white Logan family friend’s named Judge John Alfred Rutherford.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated. I have my family tree on My email address is:
    Thank you again, Kim Logan Naperville, IL

  6. i would like to contact thr smorris,that wrote about the research on the logan family in rutherford co, Please and Thank you

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