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Receipt for Sale of a Horse October 11, 1813

Receipt for Sale of a Horse dated 11 Oct 1813.
Receipt for Sale of a Horse dated 11 Oct 1813.

Recd this 11th Day of October 1813 $16 = 6 = ¼ the Sale money of Timothy Twiggs horse at the Site of John Hoil as signed by John Hoil Recd per Mr. Phillip Head

M. Taylor

I told you that we would eventually see receipts that actually told us what was purchased. This gives us a much better understanding of the value of money that we see in these receipts. $16+ would buy you a horse in 1813.  Now my wife is a descendant of John Logan through her father and she is also a descendant of John Hoyle [transcribed in this document as Hoil] through her mother’s side. Incidentally her father is a Logan and her mother is a Hoyle.   These documents are hard to decipher sometimes. Even though John Logan’s name isn’t listed on this document, it seems to me that Phillip Head was purchasing this horse of Thomas Twiggs on behalf of John Logan at the site of John Hoyle’s. I very well could be wrong so I would love your input.

John Hoyle was born about 1785, likely in Lincoln County, NC. He was the son of Martin Hoyl and Margaret Schramm. John married Rebecca Workman in 1815 and they had the following children: John, William, Henry, Christopher, David D., Mary, Joseph and Zachariah.

Update: Thanks to the help of Frances, who posted a comment below, I am pretty sure that this is Timothy Twiggs, (not Timothy Griggs) who was living in Rutherford County, NC during this time period. A post on the Twiggs Genforum indicates that he was married to Joyce Willis.

According to a post by April Lackey on the Head Genforum, Phillip Head was born about 1770.  Phillip was married to Mary Tanner and they had five children: John, Esther, Joseph, Isham, and Lavinia. I have a rather interesting letter from Isham Head to John Logan that I will be posting in the next couple of months. Phillip died about 1833 in Rutherford, NC.

Thanks to a helpful comment below by Don, who I thought was M. Paylor is more likely and M. Taylor. The question now is, is this really M. Taylor or Mr. Taylor?

If you know anything about Timothy Twiggs, Phillip Head, John Hoyle, or M. Paylor, please leave a comment below.

About the Logan Project: I possess a box of 170 documents passed down 6 generations in the Logan family that originate from John Logan (1775-1841) of Rutherford County, NC. These documents are mainly receipts that show the various business and legal dealings of many different families from Rutherford County, NC. I will be posting these documents on this blog in chronological order. The scanned images of these documents are the copyright of Jonathan Medford. Do not redistribute these documents for the purpose of commercial gain without his expressed written permission.

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17 thoughts on “Receipt for Sale of a Horse October 11, 1813

  1. Wow, Frances I think you are right. I actually pull up hits on a Timothy Twiggs from Rutherford County, NC on the Twiggs Genforum. Plus he is in the 1810 census in Rutherford County.

    I better go ahead and make these changes in my post.

    Thank you so much for your help!

  2. Thank you for this research. Interesting. I am related to the John TANNER (b1813 Wayne Co. ? , GA to pos. Vincent/Vinson Tanner & unknown – parents from NC, VA or MD, younger brother Wiley, pos. two sisters Mary & ? both born around 1821-1824?) family. My research is presently packed away.

    The Brown-Logan connection is on my husband’s side. I am exicted to hearing more about your findings.

    Thank you.

  3. I am very interested in anything concerning Phillip Head. He is known to have fathered several illegitimate children; one of whom was supposed to be my ancestor William Colin Grant. Can’t wait to see the Isham Head letter…


  4. I believe your “Paylor” is more likely a “Taylor”; the initial letter in that last name also seems to match the “T” of Twiggs. And there are lots of Taylors in Rutherford Co.

  5. You must be right as well Don. Those T’s are identical to the other T’s in the document. The writer of this document seems to put a big loop over most of their capital letters.

    I think this might either be an M. Taylor or it could possibly be a Mr. Taylor.

    I’ll send you a notification when I post the Isham letter, but check back often.


  6. I have completely different children for John Hoyl and Rebecca Workman.
    Nicholas, Joseph, John, Michael, Doke, Henry, William and Mary. I got these from family members. Do you have documentation on yours?

  7. I descended from Timothy Twiggs. He married Joyce Willis the daughter of Henry Willis. She was a descendent of the famous Farrar family of Malvern Hill, VA.

    I have much data on the descendents of Timothy but nothing on him. I am excited to find this receipt. Family tradition states that he was killed by Indians.

  8. Hey Jonathon,
    Like Don, I am researching Phillip Head (who is my 5X great grandfather). I have recently come across the fact that he fathered several illegitimate children.

    Don, I am interested in any information you have on Phillip Head and his illegitimate children.

  9. Timothy Twiggs- Rutherford Co, NC. Thank you for the horse receipt. I’m looking for connections between Timothy and Henry Twiggs who lived in Burke Co. NC in 1830. Have you seen any more material on Timothy? Another researcher reports that Timothy died in Rutherford Co. NC in 1821, but no source document is referenced. A second researcher says Timothy was born in Ireland, apparently based on a family bible, but the document itself was not provided.

  10. I am the 4th great grand daughter of Timothy Twiggs – can you give me any information as to where this transaction took place, other than Rutherford Co.? I am having a hard time finding when and where Timothy came across the pond from either Ireland or England. Don’t even know at this point whether Twiggs is the proper last name or if it was “tweaked” when he came over. Know there were Twiggs in Maryland in the mid-1700’s – Timothy born abt 1765. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


  11. Timothy Twiggs was married to Joyce Willis who after his death married Elisha Mashburn. I do not know Timothy Twigg;s father but Joyce was daughter of Henry Willis and descended from the famous Farrar family of Vierginia.

  12. I am a direct descendent of Timothy Twiggs who was married to Joyce Willis. Family tradition is that Timothy was killed by Indians. His daughter Catherine married John Mashburn who became an ordained Methodist minister after they moved to Georgia. Later Joyce married Elisha Mashburn, John Harvey Mashburn’s father, and they followed their children to Forsyth Co, GA. Some of the Twiggs children wound up in Fannin County, GA where they were Union soldiers during the Civil War. One descendent become a state senator.

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