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Richard Justice Receipt November 26, 1816

Richard Justice Receipt November 26, 1816
Richard Justice Receipt November 26, 1816

Received of John Logan ful satisfaction for all Demands to this 20th November 1816

Richardrd Justice

Richard Justice has been very hard to find information on. He put an extra “rd” at the end of his name but the back of the receipt is clearly labeled “Richard Justice Receit”. I had a hard time finding him at all in the census records, family trees, and mentions on the Justice Genforum. In 1790 there were 4 Justice families living in Rutherford County, NC: Amos, Jared, Thomas Sr. and Thomas Jr.  From what I have found so far Amos, Jared and Thomas Jr. are all sons of Thomas Sr. Perhaps Richard comes from this line. I’m going to keep this blog post short and sweet for now but I will continue to update it as I find information.

If you have additional information on Richard Justice, please leave a comment below.

About the Logan Project: I possess a box of 170 documents passed down 6 generations in the Logan family that originate from John Logan (1775-1841) of Rutherford County, NC. These documents are mainly receipts that show the various business and legal dealings of many different families from Rutherford County, NC. I will be posting these documents on this blog in chronological order. The scanned images of these documents are the copyright of Jonathan Medford. Do not redistribute these documents for the purpose of commercial gain without his expressed written permission.

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10 thoughts on “Richard Justice Receipt November 26, 1816

  1. In my Family Tree Maker program I have 4 or 5 Richard Justice but only one fits the approximate birth year to enable him to be alive to write a receipt in 1816.

    Richard Justice, son of John Justice, Jr. and wife Sarah Cook. He was born between 1767 and 1777. From everything I have found, some of this family moved from Virginia to North Carolina. Richard’s brother Samuel had a son Joseph who married a girl from Buncombe County, NC – which is right next door to Rutherford County.

    At the moment this is all I have but will keep looking. Maybe it is a bit more than you had on the elusive Richard.

    Anita Justice Wages

  2. Hello,

    I found your page as I was looking for info on Susannah Justice who married John Keeter on 10-25-1828 IN RUTHERFORD CO. N.C

    Could we have a relationship to your Richard? If you – or someone – knows of one, I’d like to know. I can’t find Susannah anywhere, except years later as a Keeter and deeding land. But her origins remain a mystery. She shows up nowhere as a Justice.

    She is my gggg grandmother.

    1. I have a Susannah Justice b. 1810 d. d. 1880. She married John Keeter b. 1808.. They had 9 children . Susannah died in Rutherford Co., NC.. Her parents were: James Justice b. 1785-1846 and Rachael Geer b. 1775-1820. Contact me: use Subject: Susannah Justice b. 1810

  3. A.R.,

    I am not sure of a connection as this Richard Justice is a bit of a mystery to me, but I hope someone comes across this blog that can help you! If I come across anything I will certainly reply here.

    Thank you for posting.

  4. My mother was Mary Ann Nancy Matilda Carder (Wigley). Her father was William Davis Carder. His mother was Nancy Justus. Her father was James Oliver Justus. His father was Moses Justus. His father was William Billy Justus (Justis). His father was Richard the Justice Justus (Justis). From what I’ve read on blogs, there was a dispute between brothers after land was granted following the Trail of Tears. One brother changed his name to Justis so as not to be confused with the other brother whose name was Justus. Richard the Justice may have been a Cherokee chief. I’ve got birth dates and wedding dates and locatons if those would help. I’d put them in this post but this is the third time I’ve tried to post without any luck and I’m too tired to type them all in. If the dates will help, just email me. Janie Wigley, AL

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