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Bradley Dalton Receipt for work on the Jail February 6, 1826

Bradley Dalton Receipt for work on the Jail February 6, 1826
Bradley Dalton Receipt for work on the Jail February 6, 1826

February the 6th 1826 Recved of John Logan five Dollars for work on the Jail window frame & door frame

Bradley Dalton (X his mark)

B.F. Logan

This is the kind of receipt I enjoy coming across. I hope I can find a Bradley Dalton descendant out there that appreciates learning about the kind of work that their ancestor did.

The Dalton line isn’t an easy one to research in a morning’s worth of blogging. At first glance it appears that there were some Dalton brothers that settled in Rutherford County from VA before the 1800s. Soon after, many went west. One of the brothers was a Bradley Dalton but the there was a younger Bradley Dalton who was a son of William Dalton. Which Bradley is the one referenced in this document would be best left to a Dalton expert to decide. I am reaching out to a lot of Dalton researchers who will hopefully be kind of enough to leave a comment for the benefit of all who read this blog.

Many of you know that my wife is a descendant of John Logan through his son Judge George W. Logan who was made famous by his successful prosecutions against the KKK. George’s son R. W. Logan and J.B. Carpenter owned a Republican slanted newspaper called the Rutherford Star. This paper was raided by the KKK as well as the homes of many Republican voters. The most famous was the lynching of Aaron Biggerstaff which sparked a U.S. Congressional investigation into the matter. J.B. Carpenter testified to congress that B. F. Logan, Sheriff of Cleveland County was involved in the raids and that his horse had been identified as being in the raids and that Mr. Biggerstaff offered to swear that he was one of the men at his house. Congressman Blair asked if he is related to Judge Logan and J.B. Carpenter answered, “Very distantly related”. (source: Congressional Testimony)

When I see the many business dealings between B. F. Logan and John and his son John W. Logan (whose house in Mooresboro was also raided by the Klan) I often think about how B.F. Logan would later turn against his own family in such a violent way. Then again Aaron Biggerstaff and his brother Samuel were staunch enemies of each other according to the congressional testimony. If B.F. Logan is distantly related to George W. then he must be a descendant of one of Maj. Francis Logan‘s brothers.

I’ve never been able to find much information about B. F. Logan. According to Civil War roster lists, his name is Benjamin F. Logan. I am hoping to learn more about his Logan line.

Please leave a comment below if you have additional information about Bradley Dalton or Benjamin F. Logan.

About the Logan Project: I possess a box of 170 documents passed down 6 generations in the Logan family that originate from John Logan (1775-1841) of Rutherford County, NC. These documents are mainly receipts that show the various business and legal dealings of many different families from Rutherford County, NC. I will be posting these documents on this blog in chronological order. The scanned images of these documents are the copyright of Jonathan Medford. Do not redistribute these documents for the purpose of commercial gain without his expressed written permission.

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13 thoughts on “Bradley Dalton Receipt for work on the Jail February 6, 1826

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for contacting me concerning this post. I am indeed interested in this as I have been researching the Daltons for over 10 years & love to add any documentation I can find, even if it’s not my direct lineage.

    David Dalton Sr b: abt. 1735 Albemarle Co, Va (Lived in Albemarle Co, VA before 1763) d: 1804 Rutherford Co, NC Buried Dalton Cemetery, Cedar Creek, NC m: unknown woman (likely was married twice)

    David had the following children:

    1. William Dalton b. abt. 1754
    2. Bradley Dalton b. 1755
    3. John Dalton b. 10/03/1758
    4. David Dalton Jr. b. abt. 1760
    5. Thomas Dalton b. 1763
    6. Lucy Elizabeth Dalton b. abt. 1765
    7. Nancy Dalton b. abt. 1766
    8. Sally Dalton b. 1769
    9. Frances “Frankie” Dalton b. abt. 1770 or 1775
    10. Susanna Dalton b. 1773
    11. Marena Dalton b. 1779

    I descended from Thomas Dalton b: 1763 Albemarle Co, VA d: 17 (or 19) Feb 1841 Rutherford Co, NC Buried ? Dalton Cemetery, Rutherford Co, NC (or Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery, Saluda, NC) m: 25 Feb 1789 in Rutherford Co, NC to Elizabeth Powell Morris (daughter of John Morris & Martha “Patsey” Powell) b: 1770 Rutherford Co, NC d: 1855 Henderson Co, NC Buried: ? Dalton Cemetery, Cedar Creek Road, Bill’s Creek, Rutherford Co, NC (or Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery, Saluda, NC)

    Thomas’s brother Bradley had a son Bradley Dalton II, born c1794. He is found involved in a Bastardy case with a Sally Silvey in 1816 (Roane County, TN). He moved to Orange County, IN c1818. That makes it doubtful it is him in this document.

    Thomas also had a brother William (the oldest son of David Sr) b: abt. 1754 Albemarle Co, VA d: abt. 1852 Henderson Co, NC Buried Henderson Co, NC m: 17 Nov 1783 Rutherford Co, NC to Charlotte Johnson b: abt. 1755 d: before 1850 Rutherford Co, NC

    William had several of his descendants named Bradley. The most likely to fit with the year & location of this Bradley would have been his son:

    Bradley Dalton b: abt. 1802 Rutherford Co, NC m. #1 on 25 Dec 1827 in Rutherford Co, NC to Mary Polly Hill (daughter of Jonathan Hill & Sarah Wheeler) b: abt. 1813 Bill’s Creek, Rutherford Co, NC d: 1839 m: #2 on 12 Nov 1840 in Rutherford Co, NC to Narcissa Hyder b: abt. 1802 m: #3 on 21 Nov 1868 in Polk Co, NC to Arminta Henderson

    It has long been believed by many, including myself that these boys father David Dalton Sr married twice. There is no proof that I know of who his wife/wives were, but history strongly suggests that his first wife was Susan Bradley & that he remarried to Hannah Grant at some time before moving with his family to NC. David came to NC & relocated to the Mountain Creek area of Rutherford County some time in 1782. I would venture to say that at least the first two sons would likely have been from his first marriage, since they are William & Bradley. There were several years after Bradley before the next child was born & the use of the name Bradley exists primarily in the oldest two sons families. Much is conjecture, but until DNA proves otherwise someday, it seems the most likely scenario to me.

    Thank you again to directing me to your post. I appreciate you sharing the document & I’m sure there are many other Rutherford Co, NC Dalton researchers out there who will be interested.

  2. T. Price,

    Thank you very much for providing that tidbit of info! It is no wonder that I was never able to find any local information on his lineage. B.F. Logan must be from South Carolina where Francis Logan is originally from in the 96th District.

    I assume he is likely the grandson or great-grandson of Andrew Logan.

  3. So wonderful to see this receipt. Ray of light.
    Trust me when I say looking at my own mystery, Dalton research
    is a very difficult one. It is almost as if I can see their lives in my mind some, but can’t figure out if my ancesters were part of that or not.
    My grandpa’s trunk he gave to mom then to me flooded and I believe it would have shed so much light. I saved a little but not enough to be certain of who I am. My grandfather wrote to a Uncle George Dalton.
    I have a few things from my great grandmother and appears she was married in Indian Territory. Hoping to solve mystery for grandchildren b4 I die.

    1. Kathleen,

      I have quite a lot of info on the Rutherford County, NC Dalton’s, from which I descend. I might be able to clear some things up for you if you can provide me with some info, such as your grandparents names & birth dates as well as your great grandparents, if you know that far back.

      I know that there were more than one George Dalton in the Rutherford County & McDowell County areas.

      I look forward to your reply.

      Brenda Faye (Dalton) Craig

  4. Mr. Medford,
    Have you made contact with the Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County. The President Alice Bradley and her staff of volunteers may have information that you would like. Contact is as follows: 828-247-8700 or

  5. The B. F. Logan who was sheriff of Cleveland County, NC was from another Logan family that was apparently unrelated to the Maj. Francis Logan family. He was the son of John Randolph Logan (1811-1884) who served as a surveyor, justice of the peace, school teacher, tax collector, and state legislator from Cleveland County. John Randolph Logan’s grandfather was a William Logan (1748-1833) who was one of the four Logan brothers said to have served in the Battle of Kings Mountain. William Logan originally came from Spotsylvania County, VA and moved prior to the Revolutionary War to the area along the NC/SC border that would become Cleveland County NC / York County SC.

    There is a book about a David Jackson Logan (1837-1864) who was the brother of B. F. Logan. The book is called “A Rising Star of Promise, The Civil War Odyssey of David Jackson Logan”. This book includes a brief biographical sketch of B. F. Logan as follows:

    “Benjamin Franklin Logan (1842-1899), was a brother of David Jackson Logan and the third oldest son of John Randolph Logan and Sarah Patterson Logan. Ben clerked in David’s grocery business for a short time. He joined the ranks of Co. E. Cleveland Guards, 12th NCT as a private and soon rose to the rank of 1st Lieutenant. He surrendered with his regiment in April 1865 at Appomattox. Following the war, Ben became the sheriff of Cleveland County, North Carolina.”

    Joe Logan

  6. I don’t know when you wrote this or if you have received answers to your questions about benjamin franklin logan.. B F (b1842) was the son of john randolph logan who wrote the well known letters about the 4 logan brothers of the famous north carolina stone? mountain battle of the revolutionary war. I think most of b f’s brothers served in the civil war with the north carolina 12th infantry and b f had papers confirming that he was with the group that surrendered with general lee at appomattox. I am a descendant of ida logan hogue, b f’s youngest sister, born in 1861. She was so much younger than the other logans that she is not found on most of the family censuses. She and b f and the rest of the siblings are mentioned in an article written about their brother, (H G) patrick henry gaffney logan, a well know doctor who settled in newerk, arkansas. There is information on the internet about H G which was taken from a book written after the civil war on well known arkansas doctors. I’ve only been researching my family for a week but have also found that b f was married to rebecca hogue, daughter of jesse(b1823) and dulcinia hogue. B F’s sister, ida, my great grandmother, later married john hogue, oldest son of jacob hogue (b 1825) who was jesse’s brother. Jesse, jacob, stephen m (b1821)and rebecca hogue patterson(1827) were all grandchildren of stephen hogue (b1775)and rebecca queen hogue, early settlers of rutherford county, through their son david (b1898). I knew b f became the sheriff of cleveland county and that he died in 1890 but I didn’t know he was so prominent in the K K K. Sorry for my spelling and lack of punctuation but it’s 2 am. I’m blocking on the name of the revolutionary war battle, but john randolph logans letters talk about discussing the battle with his grandfather. B F apparently wrote a memoir of rememberances of his service during the civil war. I haven’t read those yet.

  7. It’s kings mountain not stone mountain and b f married jesse’s oldest daughter eliza Beth jane “janney”, not rebecca. Duh!

  8. Brenda, I am searching for a connection of Odessa Mullins 1864 and John Dalton about 1858..Odessa is my great grandma. I am at a dead end.
    Thanks for any info.

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