B.H. Carson receipt to J. Logan September 14, 1829

B.H. Carson receipt to J. Logan September 14, 1829

John Logan Sr. taxes for 1828 on $4,000
Value of land at 21 Cents $100 Value
Do $2,000 Value of town lots at $8.40
26 cents for $100 Value is —– $5.20
Do on of 7 horses at 75 ct Each is — $5.25
Recd of John Logan the Sum $18.85
of Eighteen Dollars & 85 Cents in full of the
above stated taxes this 14th, of Sept 1829

Wm Carson Shff

It is interesting that the taxes for the previous year seem to always be paid around September. John Logan’s value of land increased by 25% from 1825. His town lots improved by 100% and he has 3 fewer horses than he did in 1825.

I wrote about Sheriff William Carson in the blog post in the 1823 Tax Receipt blog post. I always mention that these receipts are usually labeled on the back. This one is clearly marked “B. H. Carson Tax Receipt for John Logan’s 1828 taxes”.  I am not sure if William Carson’s middle initial is known or not but it is definitely written here as an H.

That’s about all I have on this one.

Please leave a comment below if you have additional information about William Carson that you would like to share.

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