Peter Green’s Order for Millstone September 13, 1830

Peter Green’s Order for Millstone September 13, 1830

Received of John Logan four Dollars & fifty Cents in ful payment for one Millstone formerly the property of my father Peter Green Deceast which is now on the plantation of Joshua Taylor Deceast

Sept 13th 1830

W.H. Green

attest William T. Green

The early 1830s is about the time that John Logan and others in Rutherford County were catching gold fever. I would be willing to bet that this millstone was going to be used for the purpose of mining. Thanks to a court case involving the heirs of John Logan vs a Green (might have been one of these Green’s but unfortunately the suit never uses his first name) we know that John purchased a 30 year lease from Thomas Coggins on July 11, 1831 along with Thomas Dews and John McEntire for the “special and sole purpose of digging and searching for and extracting the precious metals; if any be there found , on or from any and every part of the said premises”. Logan purchased his interest in the minerals with a barrel of flour and 75 gallons of whiskey. After the mines had been found not to be worth working, Logan rescinded the contract with Coggins and took Coggins’ bond for the value of the flour and whiskey, and later received the money.  John’s sons George W. Logan and John W. Logan brought suit against Green, McDowell and Lord in 1846 when they learned that they took four or five “pennyweights” of gold from the property which they thought their father still had a lease on. The Logan brothers ended up losing the case and had to pay the court costs. (source: The Mining Reports)

According to an article in The Spectator on June 18, 1831 a large number of new mines were discovered on Richardson’s and Floyd’s Creeks. Peter Green, who lived on Richardson’s creek was offered $35,000 for his mines that week but he refused (source: Griffin). Maybe this article is referencing a younger Peter as the one in this receipt is deceased.

Joshua Taylor appeared to own a pretty impressive plantation. There is a website with a little bit of info on the plantation found here.

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