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Grave Hunting in Rutherfordton

I had a business meeting in Columbus, NC this morning which gave me my first opportunity to swing by Rutherfordton. Since this trip was for business and not for pleasure, I didn’t take the time to properly research what relatives were buried where. I knew that my wife’s GG Grandfather George W. Logan was buried at an episcopal church in town. I found St. Francis Episcopal Church and stopped there to take a look.

It was an absolutely beautiful stone church with many old graves. I did not have a great deal of time to peruse and I never did for G.W. Logan’s grave, but I verified this evening that he is indeed buried there. Also, my wife’s Great Grandfather James Andrew Logan is buried there as well.

There was one old tombstone that drew me in. I had to take a picture of it to read later. I honestly had no idea what it said at the time.


Here is the best that I could do for an inscription:

To the memory of
my faithful and lamented
servant Enoch

who departed this life
June 14th 1862 in the
9th year of his age

Take heed that ye despise not 
one of these little ones. 
Mat, Chap. 18 ver 10

And they shall be mine, saith
the LORD of hosts, in that day
when I make up my jewels
Malachi Chap 3 ver 17

Ida S. Duffy
Rutherfordton, NC

I don’t know this for sure, but it seems as if this is a tombstone for a young slave boy named Enoch. On my way home I listened to the Extreme Genealogy Podcast. Part of the episode had a discussion about the rarity of finding tombstone’s for slaves.


I hope to find out more about Enoch and Ida S. Duffy, and can’t wait to visit this cemetery again!



Jonathan Medford is an experienced genealogist who specializes in researching North Carolina records. Contact him at

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