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Joel T. Freeman Receipt for Beef



Received of John Logan eight Dollars seventy five cents in full of all demands as effects his beef account
Oct 27th 1832  I [levy?] By Mr. Joel T. Freeman

attest W.W. Logan

One of my most recent blog posts on one of John Logan‘s receipts was for the the purchase of beef. The last receipt was dated on October 29th, 1831 and this receipt is dated October 27th, 1832. They are almost exactly a year apart. The last receipt was written to David Williams, who appears to have left Rutherford County sometime during the 1830s. The fact that John Logan is buying beef from a different source may indicate that David Williams left sometime between October 1831 and October 1832.


Photo of Joel T. Freeman sourced from
Photo of Joel T. Freeman sourced from

At first, I mistranscribed the name in this document as Jack P. Freeman, but thankfully John Logan‘s neat handwriting when he labels his receipts always comes through for me in the clutch. This receipt was written by Joel T. Freeman.


I believe this is Joel Terrell Freeman, born on July 27, 1812, in Rutherford, North Carolina. The collective thoughts on the internet appear to mark him as the child of Nathaniel Robertson Freeman and Catherine Seward.

I’m not exactly sure what documentation backs this up, but I would like to point out that there is a Joel Freeman living in Rutherford county during the 1820 census when this Joel T. Freeman was just eight years old. He married Isabel Minerva Porter on September 16, 1834. He died on August 29, 1889, in Gerton, North Carolina, and was buried in Henderson, North Carolina [source].

Joel would have been about 20 years old at the time of this receipt.

The W. W. Logan appears to be the same person from the P.J. Parker’s Receipt blog post. I’m still not sure who this is.



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If you have any additional information about Joel Terrell Freeman or W. W. Logan, please share in the comments below. 

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