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Sheriff John H. Alley Receipt from 1809-1814

John H. Allers Receipt
Sheriff John H. Alley Receipt

Received of John Logan the sum of one pound two shillings & three pence in full of Clark & my sum on the order of sale John Logan against Wm Estoll in Rutherford County Court Received for me J.H. Alley Sheriff

A. B. Logan purchased 50 acres 13th of August 1807 of Land in the above case.

As I type this I am just now realizing that this likely isn’t the second oldest article from the John Logan documents, but I have come too far to turn back now.  If you read my previous blog post then the name William Estoll should look familiar to you.  It seems that there might have been some kind of disagreement between John Logan and William about a tract of land that had to be resolved in Rutherford County Court. It could be anything from a boundary dispute to an issue of John still owing William on the land even though John sold 50 acres to an A. B. Logan on August 13, 1807. We know that John was paying William for something back in 1805, so perhaps that was a payment on this land.

I first ordered this document based on this 1807 date but John H. Alley didn’t serve as Sheriff until 1809 and he stopped serving in that capacity in 1814. Sheriff Alley was born in NC around 1778. He was the son of Shadrack Cedric Alley and Mary Price. He married to Urcilla Hampton in 1810. Urcilla’s father, Jonathan Hampton, was also Sheriff of Rutherford County (1787-1788) as was her grandfather Andrew Hampton (1781-1784). Sheriff Alley is listed on two more articles from the Logan Documents.

A. B. Logan is likely John’s brother Andrew Logan. Andrew was born in SC in 1771 to parents Maj. Francis Logan and Hannah Trimble. He married Mary Hyder May 9th, 1791.

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About the Logan Project: I possess a box of 170 documents passed down 6 generations in the Logan family that originate from John Logan (1775-1841) of Rutherford County, NC. These documents are mainly receipts that show the various business and legal dealings of many different families from Rutherford County, NC. I will be posting these documents on this blog in chronological order.

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